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Discovering private APIs with

BA redemption finder

Nowadays, so many companies have apps, and they have to get their data from somewhere. This has opened a whole new world of (quasi-)open data.

By using a proxy to intercept the request made by these mobile apps, you get access to often incredible private APIs.

I've built some great stuff this way, from Pug-o-matic to my Rap Genius ruby gem to my latest project, an availability finder for British Airways air mile redemptions.

In this article, I'll explain how to delve into how your favorite app works so you can use its data in new and novel ways.

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King of the Fall

The Weeknd's 'King of the Fall'

I'm now going to New York to see The Weeknd's "King of the Fall" tour at the Barclays Center on 19th September.

All the more excited as I'll be staying at this Airbnb in Williamsburg.


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Why I've switched from Chrome to Safari

Safari 'About' dialog

Like most of the technology community, I've sworn by Google Chrome since its launch in 2008. I've taken it everywhere, even using it on my iOS devices, despite Apple's best efforts to cripple other browsers by denying them the Nitro JavaScript engine.

But in the last few weeks, I've realised that many of the reasons I loved Chrome are gone, so I've decided to switch to Safari - and I'm going to tell you why.

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So it's out with the old...

A new year means another new design for my website, so today I'm launching a totally awesome new design, drawn up by Konnaire Scannell and coded by me.

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Ballin' with my own Rap Genius API

RapGenius logo

I absolutely love Rap Genius - both the site itself, and the broader idea of being the Internet Talmud. It's full of epic content with crazy SEO and an awesome community. And their use of social media is bomb (1, 2). I'm even an editor there, such is my dedication to their idea.

One thing that's always been a shame is that this brilliant data source doesn't have a public API...

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